Friday, September 12, 2008


We all have quirky family. If you don't, shut the hell up, Liar Mouth!

As I grew older and moved away for college, I realized they wouldn't interfere in my life if I lived at least an hour away from them. To visualize, imagine a map of where your family lives. Now, take a compass, draw a circle around them that represents an hour drive. This, my friends, is the Red Circle of Death. For me, if I were to live in this circle, life as I know it would cease to exist and I would become....well, crazy. Crazier. Whatever! If I draw another a half hour out, I would be in Yellow Circle Danger and everything beyond that is Green Circle Go.

Right now I live in Green Circle Go, considering I'm in San Diego and they all live in Oregon. But in about a month, I'll be moving up north and...get this...will live on the border of the Red and Yellow circles.

I know!!

So I decided to start documenting all the craziness. I have invited my best friend Faythe and my poor sister Aimee to participate. Aimee has lived in the Yellow Circle for the past couple years and yesterday moved to Our House on the border. Faythe lives in the Green Circle but we all know how nutty her parents are. We expect to have a lot of interesting things to talk about. I hope you enjoy our venting as much as we do! And it's cheaper than therapy...

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